We Are KinderHeart.

Our mission is to heal and protect the hearts and minds of children with cancer through the universal language of music. Deidra Jones founded KinderHeart Events to pursue her passion for helping children that suffer from cancer. This performing arts initiative is designed specifically to give hope to children affected by this debilitating disease. Various musical events will be designed with the children in mind so that they may also attend and participate.





A portion of proceeds from each event will be presented to selected organizations that help these families navigate through the financial burdens associated with this illness. The percentage of the proceeds given is reflected in the amount of ticket sales, along with donations and sponsorship support.

We need your support. With your sponsorship or donation, we can provide the logistical resources necessary when organizing concerts to benefit these children and their families.

We look forward to partnering with you!





Like cancer, KinderHeart Events is not limited to one location. We can plan a concert anywhere we see a need to do so, and donate to children with cancer in that particular city, or country.  

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