Gospel Meets Classic featuring Deidra Jones


and the Love-Light Orchestra


This one-of-a-kind show gives both gospel and classical music lovers a broad musical experience by bringing two powerful music genres together to make one amazing show suitable for anytime of the year! Gospel Meets Classical is a brilliant marriage of Gospel music with orchestral arrangements, featuring an 18 piece orchestra, and extraordinary vocalist Deidra Jones. Gospel Meets Classical is a complete, professional creation ready to spread joy around the world!


Show Info


The Love-Light Orchestra is a selection of talented musicians from around the world with diverse musical backgrounds such as classical, pop, jazz, gospel and soul. Possessing a feeling and passion for the art of music makes Love-Light Orchestra a collection outstanding of musicians. The Love-Light Orchestra believes the world can be enhanced and healed through not only love and peace, but also through the magic of music.


Show options:


+ 13 pc. Chamber orchestra

+ Guest appearances with other orchestras

+ Special formations can be made upon request and consultation

+ Musical arrangements are readily available


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